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Explosion Protection Thermal Oil Heater specification

  • Страна: Россия
  • Область: Амурская область
  • Размещено: 05.12.2018 11:11
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Explosion Protection Thermal Oil Heating Boiler
1.Production Image
2.Simple Introduction
There are two heating ways of explosion protection thermal oil heating boiler, one using water and the other using heat transfer oil.For safety reasons, the company chose to use heat transfer oil.In addition, in order to prevent overheating of the oil during heating, the machine uses a forced flow pumping system.And the heater consists of a number of tube.There are fins in the pipe with heating elements for diversion.
Boot automatic discharge energy;
Heating power switching function;
Blowing back to oil function;
Negative pressure system pressure operation;
Instant cooling boot function;
Multi — point temperature control unit can be set;
Pump horsepower and heating power can be set;
Stainless steel tube, reduce the tube group and rust.Explosion Protection Thermal Oil Heater specification

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